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Elvenar strategy

December 2, 2015 • rpgstrategy


“Elvenar is a mix of a fantasy builder game and a generic MMORPG. As the creator of your own province, it is your duty to oversee the building placement, supply production, and overall happiness of your city and its residents.” – that’s how starts their awesome review about this mmo game, and let me tell you, they are correct in every single word. That’s a nice game it has to be played by all of you. The strategy there is very simple – you build your city, and you conquer others. If you happen to do that earlier than later, than you can enjoy the gold and supplies almost till the end of the game. If you are not, however, then you’ll have to push around with other loosers to fight for each and single part of the world. But that’s when the fun of the game starts, doesn’t it? I hope you will spend many happy hours playing this high quality, medieval strategy rpg.


September 12, 2015 • rpgstrategy

In the video gaming business RPG strategy games are known to have a huge number of followers and viewed as a hardcore genre. Gamers acquire their enjoyment by destroying enemies one at a time, enhancing their skills and transforming their character as they continue playing the game. RPG strategy games are recognized for their creative and massive worlds where you need to explore, and a captivating story-line that makes the game more interesting. Below is a list of the best RPG strategy games.

Kritika- The White Knights.

This is distinctive action role playing game which is full of slaughter and violence. This game is similar to the Dark Avenger, though, much simpler. The skill and graphic effects borrow from the Gamevil games- exquisite and refreshing and with a touch of Anime style. The game entails becoming part of a world known as Kyrenia that was under the rule of Caleb who was a violent ruler. To overpower the tyranny, you should transform to agile Cat Acrobat, an intrepid Berserkers, or any other to fight the leadership of Caleb. The game comprises of three modes.

Soul Seeker.

This a strategy RPG game developed by Com2US. It certainly hits on particular points making it an exciting game with numerous worlds to explore, item crafting, item collection, fascinating battles and more than 200 playable and collectible characters.

Marvel Future Fight.

This game is not only meant for die-hard Marvel enthusiasts, but also ideal for all slash and hack fans. Even though it might not have depth in particular areas, it appears great, it’s enjoyable, very easy to select and play at the same time having a manageable free to play replica. This is something that cannot be said about majority of Future Fight’s wars.

Order and Chaos Online.

This is an ideal game for MMORPG enthusiasts. The Order and Chaos Online is a work of art MMORPG available on android and good for anyone looking forward to an MMORPG adventure. The graphics of the game are way above average, has pretty friendly individuals, and the game is also very simple to understand. The game is an enormous shared adventure, and there are numerous advantages of interacting with other fellow players. You do not know what to do in a mission? Cannot understand how something operates? It is easier and faster to inquire from fellow players rather than searching online.

With the above cool games, gamers are able to explore worlds of myth and magic without breaking banks. If you desire to get away from the stress and boredom common in the actual world, the above immersive games are a must-have for any gaming enthusiast. The games are fantastic, free; fun hence the need to check them out.


How to cheat on RPG games

September 12, 2015 • rpgstrategy


There are many ways to cheat on RPG games. It depends mostly on how the server works. Be aware that not every RPG can be hacked in the same way, and sometimes, there are features that you just cannot modify because they are saved in the server’s database in real time, so, unless you are a professional hacker that can access any computer in this world with no problem, there will be some limits. However, role playing games can be somehow exploited for your benefit.

Use cheat Engine: Cheat Engine is a tool that allows you to modify almost every single aspect of your game, as long as the data is within your computer and not in an external server. In order to use Cheat Engine, you need some computing knowledge as well as mathematical knowledge. It is all based on the numbers that your computer runs internally to process all the features of an executable application. You do not need to be an engineer to use Cheat Engine. Just try to locate the value that you wish to modify and then track it until you have the only one line that is referred to your gold, for example, and then feel free to modify it. Do not exaggerate the amount of gold that you will add to yourself or you will get the infamous blue screen of death and you will lose everything, also, do not give yourself a large amount of 9s or you will be easily detected by an administrator or moderator. Use this tactic whenever you want some gold. If you want to make sure that the process worked for you, just spend at least 1 coin in the cheapest item in the game and your new amount should appear on the screen. Congratulations.

Clone your items: Cloning items is possible in some RPGs, but not all of them. Try to google if you RPG has some bugs to exploit and then take advantage of it, for example, if you can clone an item and make it appear unlimited times, then do it and sell them in the market in massive quantities for a relatively cheap price. People will buy them all immediately and you will get legitimate money, even though the item you sold was not legal at all.

Use specific hacks for your RPG: Some people like to hack games for fun. They are professionals and you must respect them as such. If you ever happen to meet a community that has a hack that works for some fixed features of your game, use it. Maybe, you will be able to fly, trespass walls, never take damage, deal unlimited damage, among other things. Just make sure that no one is watching you or you will surely get banned.

RPG games experience

September 12, 2015 • rpgstrategy


For those who don’t know, a role playing game or RPG is a type of video game in which players take on the role of the characters in an imaginary set up. Usually, in these types of games, one player performs as the “game master,” telling about the circumstances that transpire in the fictitious game world to the other players, who play their roles in the game. RPG games are very popular amongst the game fanatics. Actions, characters, and storyline building provide a feel of as though if you are playing a part in your favorite movie. You have the liberty and the capability to move the story forward as you wish to do it. Of course a story in the game moves forward, based on certain rules and your performance as per those rules.
Telling a story is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to stimulate your brains, and role-playing games are an incredible way to do it a it fuels your creativity. You can feel the effects of a gaming event and also relate to it on the personal level. More players live in own world of fantasy, action, and many more.
Another interesting fact is that RPG games teach you how to solve problem. What many gamers do while playing as a part of the team is that they solve problems. In the course of a game, you have to frequently face the situations that you were not expecting, then you have no option but to make best out of the difficult situations and use whatsoever is available to you to deal with those unexpected circumstances. You need to solve the problems at hand and, move forward in the game.
You can find various types of rpg games on the market that have very attractive settings and can help you fuel your imagination. Games like Mass Effect 2, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Lara Croft, you can lose yourself in them while playing. Many of the rpg games are quest based games. As you complete each task you feel a sense of accomplishment. You think differently inside and outside the game. Historical and fantasy based games can be exciting as the background, graphics, characters, weapons, settings, everything is different and mostly based on imagination.
On the negative part, you can become addicted to these games and it can have a negative impact on your day-to-day life. You may not be able to concentrate on other matters and if you are a student it can disrupt our studies.